Vaibhav Pandey

About: Security application development professional, cross-platform application development hobbyist.

I do web-applications, BlackBerry & Android mobile development, currently employed at a privately owned enterprise based in New Delhi, IN.

Hobbies: Music, Code & Design

Skills: qt android web sysadmin

My Open-Source Projects
APK Studio
Qt5 IDE for Android reverse-engineering

The most popular, free as in beer, cross-platform, open-source IDE for security analysis, modding Android application packages (APKs) & ROMs. Available for Windows & Linux (or probably Mac OSX too).

GUI utility for managing common ADB tasks

A simple, open-source, GUI Windows utility written in C# to carry out general ADB command-line operations with ease.

GUI tool for creating tarball archives

Tiny, super-fast, Windows GUI tool written in C# for creating Samsung's ODIN compatible tarball archives.

Open-source ACRA backend for Crash Reporting

Open-source, Silex/Doctrine powered backend for visualizing crash reports from ACRA library for Android

Fast & modular, rest/web framework for PHP

Modern, modular to the core, ultra-thin rest/micro-framework for PHP. Inspired by senchalabs/connect.

Open source, client-side tools you can trust

eToolkit is an online toolkit to perform common confidential tasks I use to do on a regular basis including Generating Random Passwords, Base64 decoding & encoding, Text Hashing using MD5/SHA-1/SHA-224/SHA-256/SHA-512 algorithms, Character Counting and things.

Skeleton application based on Slim framework

Skeleton application on top of Slim framework implementing asset management via Gulp & Bower, Twig templates, response Bootstrap front-end, database access via Doctrine, Symfony translations and more.

Simple, framework agnostic routing component written in PHP

Clean & lightweight router implementation in PHP with support for reverse URL generation.

Standards compliant service container component for Web & CLI

Minimal implementation of container-interop/container-interop package, with easy dependency fetching.